Workshop: Anti-social Apps

Samstag, 16.11.2019
11.00 –12:30 Uhr
Werkhalle Union Gewerbehof
Workshopleiter Joshua Rackstraw

Teilnahmegebühr: 5,00 

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Social apps are making us anti-social! In this workshop we will look at the tools that facebook, twitter, instagram, and other so-called “social” apps use to divide people, dehumanise their users, and draw people away from social experiences. We will look at some of the characteristics of truly social experiences, and how technology can be used to bring us together. Then, we will design and play with some games and toys that have been created to bring people together.

My name is Josh, I am the creator of Do Not Open This Suitcase, and I am an advocate for the creation of technology for good. Would you like to know more about Do Not Open This Suitcase? Watch this video.